Strategic Plan

The next generation of students, parents and teachers will be learning and living in an exciting future. Our strategic plan maps out what we’re focusing on and where we’re headed as we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Wellbeing has become an increasing priority and has emerged from within balanced education to become an additional stand-alone focus area. The rest of our big picture goals remain unchanged, but our key strategies and objectives have evolved to take account of new opportunities and challenges.

Leaders from across CCGS and Board members worked together to evaluate our progress, identify areas for development and set our strategic course for 2021-2025.

A high level of teacher participation in working groups across the school is creating exciting forward energy and momentum.

CCGS Strategic Plan 21-25

Strategic Plan: Striving for Excellence 2021-2025

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Headmaster's Report 2023

The annual Headmaster's Report outlines academic performance in addition to highlighting the activities of our vibrant learning community.

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